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what's it all about ?

onchord is a song key and chord progression database. Our song information can be used in various different ways to aid the making of music. From mixing songs that are in key together in your DJ set, to remixing or making mashups that follow the exact chord progressions, onchord gives you the knowledge at your fingertips.

onchord also provides an interactive showcase where users can upload links to their music, like and add comments on other songs, and enter our “top rated” chart. Our remix and mashup chart is compiled by “likes” alone, so you decide what is hot right now!

Who will find our website useful and why?


The art of harmonic mixing has been used by DJs for many years, but until now there has not been a reliable and up-to-date song key database online that users can contribute to. As well as song key data submitted by our users, our admin team update the database on a regular basis to ensure that you have the very latest song keys to use when putting together your DJ sets.

If you already use harmonic mixing in your work as a DJ, be sure to submit your existing song key data by using our simple song key upload form.

Remixers / mashup makers

Here you can find songs to give you that starting point to creating that musical Mashterpiece. As well as key & BPM, onchord takes things a whole lot further.

A chord progression database is a very useful tool to have. If you mash two songs together that have the same chord progressions you can get amazing results that make your mashup stand out from the crowd. A mashup that is in key and on chord is the difference between a good one and a great one.

Producers and singers

Producers often make instrumentals and look for acapellas to add to their songs either as an official vocal version, a bootleg release or a personal mashup.

With our powerful search engine you can enter the chord progression from your song's verse or chorus and search our database of songs to find an acapella to suit your instrumental. Likewise, if you are a singer and have written a vocal that you want to put over a beat you can use this technique in the same way.

Maybe you have written a song and are curious so know if anyone else has written the same chord progression?

We are confident that whatever your musical background and knowledge of music, our database can offer valuable information that will add to the productivity of your own musical creation.