How's It Gonna Be :: Third Eye Blind

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Third Eye Blind

How's It Gonna Be

Key: F BPM: 80Timing:

chords from the first and third beat of each bar

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Verse 4 bars
Chorus 4 bars

Submitted on May 2, 2017 23:34 by  Fairhur    |    0 likes    |    0 dislikes

Chords throughout the site are simplified into basic Major & Minor chords so we can easily match the songs with others that have the same root. Extensions such as Sus, Add2, 7th are not shown. Diminished chords are usually shown as Minor. Most of the time what you see is the actual chord progression of the song however sometimes we may ignore chords that are held for a very short time, such as a chord on the fourth beat of a bar.

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